Our Story

The idea for Reale Country Motors came to me as I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair at a small circle table in the middle of the sales floor of a large dealership. My wife and I were reaching hour 6 of our truck buying process and just wanted to be done. Held hostage by the promise of “just a few more minutes” a ton of questions were going through my head. Why did it have to take this long? Did they really need to spend my entire day off going back and forth with an elusive sales manager? What incentives was I even receiving at this point? Six hours and we still have to sit in the finance office and here the pros and cons of “packages” that I don’t want but have to hear about anyway.

The hardest part was this was a normal occurrence for me. As the owner of a small contracting company I was buying and customizing 7 to 9 trucks a year. Between calling before hand to confirm the vehicles I was looking for were on their lot and actually buying them I wasted over 60 hours a year at these dealerships. All those hours bantering with them while we waited for “approvals” and I didn’t even get invited to their holiday parties. 

Out of necessity I learned all you could about all pickup trucks on the market. I had discovered early on that salesmen are not experts on all vehicles. When you are towing 18,000 lbs up and down the mountain passes in Colorado during surprise snow storms you need to be able to rely on your truck and not the advice of someone who only knew it had the Cummins transmission because of the badge on it. Safe towing was a huge part of my business and my knowledge of tow capacity, torque and horsepower grew out of this. Was a diesel or gas engine better suited for me? If I am hauling an enclosed trailer down the highway with a 6% grade should I have an aftermarket exhaust brake installed, what can I do if it’s a gas engine? Do I want a gooseneck or bumper hitch? These were always superficial questions that salesmen could never answer for me. They could however tell me which trim level had leather, so that was helpful. 

I was tired of working through a chain of salesmen who were only worried about their commission. I wanted a dealership where you cut out all the fluff. Reale Country Motors is a result of all those years spent in other peoples offices. Here there are no salesmen. As the owners my wife and I are your direct contacts through the whole process. All of our inventory is inspected by a 3rd party mechanic and comes with a standard warranty at no extra cost. Our website is constantly updated as new inventory comes in so you can easily search our stock at midnight when you realize you do want a new truck. We are available to answer any questions or help you find the right vehicle if we do not currently have it. The Reale Powerful Guarantee is proof of our commitment to you.